Dan (D-Euro) producer, rapper in own songs, beatmaker, songwriter and the creator and owner of D-EuroMusicProduction, was born september 13 1981, in the town sønderborg near the danish/german border in south Denmark.

In his childhood he allways had the music as interest, and played on alot of different instruments as many children tries to in school... later he started playing on a Harmon organ … and in the age of 14 he got his first real keyboard.

Under Dan's education he diden't play alot of music.... but he allways had the music in his heart, and in the late 90' the Euro-rap had its gold-age.... since then it has allways been the favorit music of Dan. Euro-rap artists as Nana, Pappa bear, 2-4 Family, Down low, etc etc. was still the BIG inspirations when Dan in 2006 startet to produce beats.

2010/2011 he built a new home studio with a new vocalbox etc.etc.

25/3 2011 Dan released his first officiel single ”Tåren”(The Tear) and after that the Demo album (I believe In Music) on Youtube, and also here on the site.

Since 2006 he has worked with artists as : Staz (Latvia), John Michael (USA), Maja, A.K. Swift, Struggle Da Preacher (Russia), Danika (Russia), St. Rap (Russia), HellForge, Shariiif, Diagnosen, Vito, Thomas Jensen, Gazza (Independent Artist Music) and Vallaudumann. And remixed songs from :Ida Corr, Staz, Jason Creator, Renny Mclean, Anna David, Bli' Glad, Snoop Dog, T-Pain and Struggle Da Preacher

Today he is producing for The Danish rapper Diagnosen and vito, and producing beats and he is working on some other new projects.